kind words

Hi Jenny, My name is Terry Hankes-Smith, and I am a flower room volunteer at Agrace Hospice.  I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers that have been donated through your business.  I have been lucky enough to be volunteering on Mondays this past month when clients of yours have donated flowers to the Inpatient Hospice Facility.  They are gorgeous, and I hope you and your clients know what joy they bring to patients, family and staff at the facility.  They add a bright spot to days that sorely need them.  My program coordinator saw the lovely peonies, roses, stock and hydrangea arrangements today, and said, “I just want to eat them….they’re like cake!”.  You have no idea the appreciation and gratitude I hear from family members as they stop to look at the flowers throughout the units.  Just wanted you to know….seems like a small thing, but that simple gesture goes a long way.  Thank you! Terry

Hi Jenny, I’m sure you’ll hear from Kai separately, but I wanted to tell you how amazing I think you are and how perfectly (from my viewpoint) Friday and Saturday worked out.  Hiring you was the best gift Kai has ever given me (and herself) and I know that the fun and happiness I experienced on her wedding day could not have happened without you. You somehow managed to be everywhere at once and had the answer or solution for almost everything – and you seemed to do it all with grace and a sense of humor … There were so many people and so many moving parts to the wedding, and you handled it all.  Someday, I’d love to hear how YOUR day went! You also did a terrific job of taking our boxes of decorations, instructions and  floor plans — and making things look the way I had imagined them in my head (and heart.)  You obviously had to do some tweaking and adjusting, but I hope you felt you were given a lot of great stuff to work with.  And you obviously made the most of Donna’s floral and greenery — it all came together soooo beautifully. In summary — thank you, Jenny! Marty E.

Thanks again for making our wedding day SO FREAKING AMAZING!! You’re the best!! Abby & Cory Bosben

Good Morning Jenny, Caitlin and I wanted to touch base with you to set up a meeting or call to talk about how amazing the wedding went! It was a complete success and could not have been accomplished without your fantastic and flat out amazing work/effort. We are eternally grateful for the help that you gave and how over the top you went to go out of your way to create the exact wedding that we had envisioned. Everyone is still buzzing about how wonderful a time they had and some of the key inputs that I remember are:

  • Almost everyone stayed until we kicked them out … which wasn’t enough partying so they went out to the Night Owl until 3am where they partied even more with Gerald the DJ even showing up!
  • A few people not only came up to us to thank us for inviting them but a couple people, who I thanked for coming, stopped in their tracks turned around and said, “No, thank you for inviting me … this was the best wedding I have been to and it was an absolute blast!”
  • My goofy cousin-in-law stated, “This the the second best wedding ever … with a huge smile on his face (as he just got married last year and couldn’t yet discount that)” I joked, “Second best, huh?”
  • Steve received a couple hand-written letters thanking him for inviting them and outlining what a wonderful time they had.
  • I talked to the photobooth attendant, Eric, and he mentioned that he does this on the side after getting his phD in photography and working in Middleton and that he was having a blast and one of the best times he has had at a wedding.
  • The gentleman who we rented the park from mentioned that, that was the biggest tent he has ever seen in Cooksville and wanted to know where we got the porta-poties as they looked amazing (goes to show the important things).

All-in-all I think everyone had a great time, felt comfortable staying outside with the great porta-poties, free drinks, great people, and plenty of games (the tire swing was a huge hit). Let us know what times work best for you for a catch up meeting. Probably nights would work best for us as Caitlin is getting back in the school swing. Thanks again and you are amazing, Brandon and Caitlin

We started working with Jenny on December 29th, 2011 for our February 11th , 2012 wedding and in that short time Jenny was able to help us coordinate our entire wedding from start to finish. We live in Michigan so Jenny was very flexible in meeting with us when we were in town and she did an excellent job of organizing all the exploratory consultations with the various vendors. She has a create list of contacts in the area and she always seems to “know someone” who can get the job done on anything we ask for. This excellent ability to arrange vendors was most on display for us with the Mariachi band that we had at our wedding. Jenny was not able to find a suitable band in Madison but we insisted that we have the band so Jenny found two separate bands in Milwaukee that met our needs and convinced them to form into one large Mariachi for our ceremony. The band was fantastic and it illustrates Jenny’s knack for getting things done. The day of the ceremony Jenny did an excellent job of handling the little “emergencies” that inevitably come up on the big day. We managed to get a weekend with the coldest weather of the year and we were planning to have everyone walk to the Capitol from the hotel, but with the weather we needed to get the hotel shuttle to take all of our guests to and from the ceremony. Jenny went above and beyond to work with the hotel on ensuring they took care of us before any of the other guests. This help continued right up to the start of the ceremony when the Capitol Police wanted to prevent our Mariachi from playing in the building even though we had permits! It didn’t help that our wedding was on the one-year anniversary of Occupy Madison. Jenny managed to have the chief of police at the Capitol oversee our ceremony and ensure that there were no interruptions from any wayward protestors and that the band could play. Overall, we highly recommend Jenny’s services and found that she was professional while still giving a very personal touch to things. -Jackie O.

Jenny Sligh of Lavender Hill Event Design & Planning coordinated Jackie and Nathan’s wedding at the Capitol which I officiated on February 11, 2012. A major demonstration was taking place and the time allotted for the 3rd floor space was very limited. Not only was Jenny most helpful in terms of planning the ceremony, she made sure the chairs were set up and the ceremonial items were present. She did what was necessary to guide all of the guests, the couple and their Mariachi Band to the ceremony space. Though a protest was taking place, Jenny was cool and calm and proceded to do what needed to be have the ceremony start on time and for it to be a glorious wedding! Jenny is personable and professional and I recommend her without hesitation to anyone planning a wedding or any other event where you need someone to take charge and to make sure it happens as you plan it! We of Happily Ever After Wedding Officiants look forward to working with Jenny again! -Rev. Jim Engmann, Happily Ever After Wedding Officiants

Dear Jenny, Just a note to thank you for your thoughtful kindnesses on Saturday night after my nosedive to the floor, but also to everyone, throughout the two wonderful, crazy days of Bill and Chantel’s wedding.  It is inconceivable that we could have managed without you and, I’m assuming, your “worker bees”.  The whole event was beautifully staged, thought out and executed.  The stage setting for dinner was breathtaking.  All I could think of, standing in the back of the theater, was “Phantom of the Opera”.  MANY of the guests told me that it was a great party, that they thought it stunning in every aspect.  The flowers (thanks to Kristin), the outstanding food, great band, etc.  The thoughtful planning for kid activities, enjoyed by their nutty parents as well, i.e. the photo album, candy bar, etc.  I could go on and on, but you get the point.  I hope you will get pictures to add to an album for your advertising. It was a pleasure to meet you and if I ever have to chance to recommend your skill as an event planner,  I will.  Count on it. Best, Cathy Davies, Bill’s grateful mom

Jenny, I can’t begin to thank you for everything you did for us as our “Day of Coordinator”. You were absolutely amazing the entire day (as well as the month prior). From making sure I had breakfast, to talking my mom off the ledge when she hit said pole. I had several comments from guests about how awesome you did and how you had everything under control. Everyone told me to expect that something bad would happen (i.e. alter flowers vase breaks; mom backs into pole, napkin colors are wrong) so when it does, you are not disappointed. Even though these things happened, I did not have to deal with them thus did not have the anxiety over the problems and you were there to pick up the pieces. You made sure that I had a fabulous day and not a care in the world. By taking care of all the details, I was not stressed and could enjoy my day. I truly can not thank you enough and must say that it was money (more than) well spent! I would recommend your services to any and everyone I know! I never understood all the details that must be arranged for the day of your wedding and never, ever could have handled it all. Having you also allowed my family to enjoy the day and not be “in charge” of anything. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Much love, Nichol