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wedding workout wednesday : the charm of great arms


Often brides are concerned with how they will look on their wedding day.  Will the pictures turn out okay? Will my dress be flattering in the lighting?  How do my arms look??? Although nothing looks better on a bride than her happiness; we know we all worry about how we look… especially the arms..  you know, the dreaded underarm flap, most horribly referred to as “bingo wings.”  Now let me repeat… NOTHING looks more beautiful (and sexy might I add) on a bride than her HAPPINESS,  but for the sake of fabulous self confidence and kick butt wedding pictures (see above: photography credit: Amanda Red Wedding Photographer) we have decided to start a Wedding Workout Wednesday  because we totally understand wanting to look your best on your wedding day!!!

For those of you who know me, exercise is always a journey… and I certainly have no good advise to give… but LHE’s new Intern Hailey knows a thing or twelve about fitness… and she’s super cute, right?!?!!?


hi! My name is Hailey Smith and I am the new intern here at LHE! I am excited to be apart of the LHE team and assist in the wedding planning process.  Aside from interning, I also am a Spin and Tennis Instructor.  We thought a great way to incorporate my knowledge of fitness into the wedding planning process is by introducing our new monthly blog post series: Wedding Workout Wednesday. There is no better way to get prepared for the big day than to get a killer body from exercise and HEALTHY EATING! (check out our new weekly Wednesday healthful eating posts on Facebook) Our first workout is going to concentrate on your arms so you’re feeling fabulous in those strapless dresses.  Take the workout at your own pace! All you will need is 5-15lbs dumbbells, some great music, and even throw in a workout buddy!

Complete all 5 exercises for 1 super-set**. Pick your weight based on your ability, also can increase or decrease as you go!

Lateral Raises x 10
Shoulder Press x 10
Front Raises x 10
Upright Row x 10
Bicep Curl x 10

Rest 1 Minute In Between Each Super-Set. Repeat 4-5 times.

**Don’t know what a super-set is ? Let me tell you: it is where you perform ALL the exercises consecutively before taking any rests! Example: Do all lateral raises then shoulder raises then front raises, and so on.

Come back the first Wednesday of each month for a new workout! The next post will be on April 1st… and we promise no fooling :)

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