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why hire a wedding planner for day-of coordination?

Every bride knows she needs a wedding dress, a wedding photographer, a venue, food, music, a wedding cake, and of course an Officiant to get married.  A wedding planner, on the other hand, certainly does not top the list of bridal “must haves” for her wedding day.

The majority of my business is word of mouth referrals from past clients or other wedding vendors that I work closely with.  Often at bridal shows when I get to interact with hundreds of brides and grooms in a short amount of time I ask them, “Have you thought about working with a wedding planner?” Most often the answer is,  “No, I love planning my wedding!” or, “No, my (fill in the blank) is helping with the wedding plans.”  And you know what? As much as I want to work with as many of you out there who want my help, I certainly love and respect that you are enjoying your wedding planning surrounded by the people who know you best!

Usually after learning that a bride does have her planning well in hand, I typically ask, “Have you thought about day of coordination?” And even for the couple that has the planning well under control, this is still something they want to learn more about…

So what is Day of Coordination and how can a wedding planner help you out?

Who: Day of Coordination is for the couple who has most of the excitement & wedding planning under control

Why: Your wedding day is going to be a flurry of activity full of people, laughter, appointments and a schedule to keep. Wedding days DO NOT happen organically, somebody that day has to be keeping an eye on the schedule: hair, getting dressed, starting the ceremony on time, photos, cake cutting and that does not include any unforeseen emergencies…

When: Day of Coordination really should be called Month of Coordination. In order to do my job for your wedding,  I start hitting the bricks 30 days out from your wedding day to make sure all ducks are in a row. (Go ahead and check out The Ann Package for more details)

What: To summarize: what I do is make sure vendors are where then need to be, when they need to be, and are doing their jobs properly. That the bride’s getting ready is going on schedule. That the ceremony begins on time and that everybody knows what to do during the ceremony. Pin on boutonnieres & corsages.  I make sure vendors get paid and tipped.  I make sure your 95 year old aunt is comfortable.  I plan for emergencies : extra copies of ceremony readings (if somebody were to forget), backups of music on my iPod + a portable speaker, Band-aids, needle and thread, fashion tape (lots of fashion tape) … and much much more

and here is a list of the “interesting” things I have done in my role as wedding planner/day of coordinator just this year and everything was running smoothly on these wedding days… because no matter what you do, or I do (for that matter)  there is No Such Thing as a Perfect Wedding Day

  • Negotiate with the Chief of Police 5 minutes before a ceremony to allow a band in the State Capitol building when the permit had been revoked
  • I hold lighting equipment for photographers and I schlep gear when asked
  • Run to Hobby Lobby, buy new vases 1.5 hours before a wedding after a table leg collapses and destroys 1 of 2 alter/ceremony flower arrangements (there was a bloody hand involved after a failed attempt to catch the vase also)
  • Bring my bride her favorite coffee from her neighborhood coffee shop
  • Helped a MOB regroup after she got lost driving the to ceremony and then backed her car into a pole.
  • Bus tables
  • Decorate a wedding cake
  • Sew a bride into her wedding dress after a less-than-awesome alteration…nobody was the wiser when we were done!
  • Make-up…I’ve done bridal make-up.
  • Taught the wedding party the Electric Slide and the Macarena! ~ J

The point is,  I will do everything within my power to make sure your day is smooth. Curve balls, roadblocks (literally and figuratively) and hurdles don’t faze me. I just pivot and adjust, and most importantly, fix it…

Can you, your mom, your best friend or your future husband leap these hurdles on your wedding day? Maybe. In fact, they probably can…but with how many tears, how much frustration and angst? And why? This is a day to celebrate, to have fun, to NOT be stressed out. Let your wedding planner take on the stress, the angst, the broken glass…we are like stunt drivers, some things should just be left up to professionals.






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