Wedding Memories… some of my favorite moments (so far this season)

Every wedding is filled with wonderful moments that create memories for a lifetime. It’s different for each person… the bride, the groom, the parents, the guests, and they all weave a wonderful tapestry of memories. I always have moments, favorite moments from each wedding I am a part of. Maybe she took my breath away… Continue Reading

when i grow up…

I’ve always been a dreamer. Growing up an only child I always had time on my own; I would get lost in my day dreams, lost in my art projects, lost in thought at the top of a tree I climbed, and lost in my journal of When-I-Grow-Up ideas. For the past 5 years or… Continue Reading

a little coffee and self reflection

I’ve been inspired today.  I’ve been inspired for the last 6 weeks although I have done little about it.  This morning after having a long and frustrating pre-coffee conversation with my sweet man, I feel ready for this post. Last night I read a wonderful blog post by my favorite Madison wedding planner. Yup, I… Continue Reading


Welcome to the LHE blog and my place to tell my couples' love stories and share random thoughts. A bit about me...I love weddings. I love my clients. I love comfy shoes and jeans. I am obsessed with EOS lipbalm. I talk too much about my kid. I drink way too much coffee. Often my clients and I become great friends, and mostly...I am so excited that you stopped by. 

My absolute joy in being a wedding planner comes from celebrating with you during your most important moments. 

So let's have some coffee & chat! 

xo - Jenny