Wedding Memories… some of my favorite moments (so far this season)

Every wedding is filled with wonderful moments that create memories for a lifetime. It’s different for each person… the bride, the groom, the parents, the guests, and they all weave a wonderful tapestry of memories. I always have moments, favorite moments from each wedding I am a part of. Maybe she took my breath away with how stunning she was in her dress, maybe it’s because the toast was just that darn good, often its the wedding vows.  So for a mid season preview here are some of my favorite wedding moments to date!

abby cory bou

Abby and Cory at the Bou!  That’s the Caribou Tavern to those of you who don’t know. Turns out, Abby’s parents have been Friday night happy hour and Badger Game regulars at the Caribou for years (and when i say years… I mean years, as in they have known my Winslow longer than I have) Of course a stop at the Bou was a must on the photography list! So this tiny bar packed in a 25 person wedding party (and all the wonderfully kind regulars moved to the far end) and laughter and shots, plus a bud light or two made this quick stop a memorable one!

angela and scott 1

Angela and Scott… I have two favorite moments for this beautiful day.  The photo above was taken at MMoCA (that’s the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art)…right before this photo was taken, Angela and Scott whisked in thru the front door and I saw Angela for the first time that day. Even more stunning I imagined, she just beamed, and it took my breath away. Oh, and then there was the dress…the dress was to die for.

angela and scott2


As Angela and Scott headed out for sunset pictures along the Lake Shore Path behind the Memorial Union, they happened across the two wonderful and kind Gents. Just into the dock on their sailboat, they offered up their boat for Angela and Scott to climb aboard and to get this photo! Ahoy Mates! A tribute to the kindness of strangers and perfect timing, this is one of many wonderful photographs that night.

amanda and justin

Amanda and Justin had a beautiful wedding day… although it was fraught with the threat of rain all afternoon, and in Wisconsin when it rains, it pours, especially this summer. Their wedding ceremony was bookmarked by lightning to the west and the east plus rumbles of thunder in the distance. But the ceremony went off rain free… until cocktail hour. But what comes from a raining wedding day… A BEAUTIFUL sunset. So what is my favorite memory? As the Mother Son dance began a most stunning sunset began, then a rainbow!! And there was me… usually all swept up in tears during the Mother – Son dance (it’s my favorite dance of the night) and there I am, not loving the moment, but instead waiting for the dance to finish like a wild animal stalking its prey. As soon as the dance ends, I swoop in grab Justin’s hand and tell him, we have to go! We run outside to find his beautiful bride standing amongst the grasses with a glorious sky behind them. It was so beautiful, pretty fun too! 

So a HUGE thank you goes out to the amazing photographers for doing what you do so well, because the stories are great, but your photos make them last!! And an even bigger thank you to my couples. You make my work wonderful and my lifetime of memories better because of these moments.


Photography Credits in order

Michelle Martin Photography

Erin Jean Photography

Amanda Red Wedding Photographer





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