when i grow up…

I’ve always been a dreamer. Growing up an only child I always had time on my own; I would get lost in my day dreams, lost in my art projects, lost in thought at the top of a tree I climbed, and lost in my journal of When-I-Grow-Up ideas.

For the past 5 years or so I have had a dream that when I grow up {and I think that is around 50} I will close the doors on my design and wedding planner work, I will pack up my wonderful life here in Madison, and head on up to Bayfield, Wisconsin to finish out my life’s journey.  I have a dream of owning a coffee shop.  I will call it Buttercup’s Cafe.

In my day dream we own a house that is on top of a hill and overlooks town.

The cafe will be right downtown. I will open the doors at 6:30 or 7 am everyday {except Sunday} and stay open until 4pm, and it will be the place in town for a cup of coffee, a fantastic chat with that character of a guy, Winslow… and the best darn bowl of soup.

I will drive a light blue pick up truck… something like this, but with a little more rust.

We will have a Golden Retriever name Cellar Door {Tolkien said it was the most pleasant sounding phrase in the English language, and NO I am not a huge Hobbit/Lord of the Rings Fan… I just love that Winslow told me this when we were first dating and talking about our future.} I would also like to own a goat, a little black pygmy goat…and I will name him Piccolo.

I will have long grey hair that I will wear in a pony tail paired with my favorite jeans and Frye boots. Customers from near and far will visit the cafe and I will be able to bake in my open air kitchen while I greet them {wearing a flour covered apron} and hear all about the scuttlebutt of the locals and meet and charm all the tourists to our beloved community.  Everyday there will be fresh muffins and other baked good. Every lunch there will a sandwich and soup for you to enjoy.

So maybe titling this post when I grow up isn’t quite right… I have always thought of the years in my life as segments… I had my first years, when I was young, a kiddo with a million dreams, long summer days, lost in my books and enamored of adults.  Then my middle years, where I have raised my son, put my mark on the world as woman, as a parent, as a worker and business owner. In my final years, I dream to be a fixture of the community, that quirky and wise and awesome lady full of stories and life adventures, and most importantly at peace in my manna. I hope you come to visit me in these final years, for they will be long lasting and full of fun … plus I will have tasty treats. I promise! I better start practicing pouring those fancy lattes.

What do you want to be when you grow up?


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