real Lavender Hill Events wedding: felicity & eric get married!


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This is the wedding of a Champagne Girl and a Home-brew Boy…

spring green wedding

Meet Eric and Felicity my lovely couple. My good eats couple. My boogie to Classic Rock and Disco couple. My couple who didn’t think they needed a wedding planner and I am SO thrilled that they changed their minds and hired me!

I wish I had the AMAZING transcript from Eric’s dear friend Glenn’s toast during the fabulous rehearsal dinner at Milkweed (that will be another fun post) It told the story of the road they walked to find each other, path they have journeyed together, the love and strength they have built through triumph and tough patches… and of course the wonders of love when a Home-brew boy falls for a Champagne girl.

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Eric is a home-brew boy.  This guy loves beer, and his guys love beer, and they love Eric.  This handsome group of groomsmen is made up of best friends and brothers. It was a great group of guys!  So fun, full of laughter, a helping hand, and sometimes flirty.  You can see how this great group of guys are part of why Eric is such a fun, giving, and loving man.

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Felicity is a champagne girl.  One of my favorite brides (I think I say this every time, and each one is my favorite and special for very different reasons) Felicity is driven, direct, strong and knows what she wants… but she also has this amazingly tender place in her that I am so lucky to have met and become friends with.  Friendship is something Felicity does very well… and is exemplified in the beauty of best friendships she surrounds herself with and the beautiful women she asked to share in her wedding day. The love runs deep with the sisters we choose for ourselves. Friends forever, this group of women did the most amazing job supporting, loving, prepping and make-up-ing all in celebration of Felicity and Eric’s wedding day.

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Wearing her mother’s veil, Felicity gets ready to walk down the aisle…

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The Unity Chapel… a simple and lovely structure a stones throw from Taliesin, a tiny chapel for the family of Frank Lloyd Wright, tucked into the valley of Spring Green was a perfect location the intimate wedding.

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Surrounded by simplicity in architecture, Felicity & Eric wove a ceremony that was rich with tradition, full with thoughtful readings and blessings, filled with beautiful music, and still felt as modern as they are as a couple. Secret between me and you… I cried the entire ceremony.

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Eric’s sister-in-law, Cathy sang Bist du bei mir (“If you are with me”) … there is no beginning and no end to such a beautiful moment. Was it the acoustics of the chapel? Was it the love of the day? Was it Cathy’s most beautiful voice that you can’t describe because there are no words?  Yes it was. It was all of it.

Speaking of family… forgive me this moment to say hello & thank you to some of the family.  Judy, thank you for welcoming me to your family table at the rehearsal dinner, it was such a joy. Ann, thank you for your craftiness, your laughter, the couple of dances and the open invitation if I ever make it to Texas. Cathy, thank you for moving my heart and spirit with your voice. George, thank you for the smiles, you devil :)

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The get away under a canopy of evergreen and a shower of birdseed!

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and now… time for wedding details and more brilliant wedding day moments!  It was a glorious wedding! I am so lucky to have clients who have such wonderful vision and wedding day imaginations!

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Before I wrap this all up…I must speak to the wee bit of serendipity that surrounds myself as a wedding planner and Felicity & Eric too me. Lavender was incredibility important to their wedding day, it was in their flowers, favors, wedding colors … In their wedding program they wrote this note:

Known for its relaxing and soothing qualities, lavender is also the herb of devotion, joy and luck. We have used lavender in our wedding to symbolize our devotion to each other, our joy in the celebration of our marriage, and the luck we feel in finding each other as life partners.

So what’s the happy accident of our meeting? Of my being able to share in their wedding day? Well I am Lavender Hill Weddings + Events, and when asked how and why do I do what I do, I have the same message… devotion to my couples, the joy & luck I feel in being chosen to be part of their wedding day, and in being witness to their marriage celebration. It is a gift.

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So to you Eric & Felicity, as the Celtic Blessing reads…

May you always walk in the sunshine.

May you never want for more.

May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door.

May you have love that never ends, lots of money, and lots of friends.

Health be yours, whatever you do, and may God send many blessings to you!

Thank you for choosing me to be part of your amazing wedding, thank you for inviting me share in your entire wedding weekend, thank you for opening your hearts and family to me. Thank you for the great music, the chance to boogie, and some fantastic home brew beer. Thank you for making the most wonderful Lavender Honey wedding favor, i put some in my tea every afternoon. Thank you for your trust.

Congratulations on your wedding day and many blessings upon your beautiful marriage.

Cheers! Jenny



Day of Coordination/Wedding Planning: Lavender Hill Weddings + Events

Photography: Raymond Siler Photography

Wedding Officiant: Ken Mayfield

Ceremony & Reception: Unity Chapel

Catering: Enos Farms

Flowers: Abundance Acres

DJ: Horizon Entertainment

Ceremony Musicians: Caroline Hamblen / Taliesin

Wedding Cake: Carls Cakes

Rentals: Event Essentials

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