exercize more + eat less = weight loss

I was looking through a couple of diet & exercise blogs and chat rooms the other day looking for some helpful tips to share with all of you, as I knew I was coming up on my health makeover 1 month blog post and I came across a before and after picture of a simply gorgeous girl who had fought her way to a great body.  Over and over again the comments were, Wow! What’s her secret???  At the bottom of this whole long page she logged back in and simply stated, there was NO SECRET… she exercised and ate less.

And, DUH (insert sassy teenage girl face here)… we all know that, and yet we keep looking for the secret to weight loss, when it turns out it is simply math. Now I understand for some there are health and biological issues that can complicate this simple equation, but for the most of us, myself included, it is simple math that works.

So the results are in and this is how I stacked up in my first month!


This is the same shirt, both times fresh out of the laundry.  I didn’t weigh myself for the first 10 days or so (the battery was dead… and I didn’t want to) But after a little encouragement I weighed myself and started keeping my food diary. And from that weight I’ve lost 10 POUNDS!!!! It’s kinda cool to see it side by side :)

This is some of what I have learned over the past 4 weeks…

1. Working out for 30 minutes is perfect as long as those 30 minutes are kicking your ass!

2. Keep a food diary.  My son and I were talking about this yesterday, about how important I have found keeping a food diary to be, and yet I worry about seeming like one of those people obsessed everything they are eating. I have realized that a food diary is teaching tool for me. I am measuring my glass of milk. I weigh my chicken breast. I scoop my veggies in a 1 cup measuring cup.  And I am learning for the first time truly what a portion is. My goal is to retrain my brain. My goal is to go to Sushi Lunch and not over do it…

3. FitDay… this is a blessing from the universe.  You can sign up on line and there is a FREE app for the iPhone. This is how I track my food, how I log my recipes (that’s right …you can input your ingredients from your fav meal and save it as a recipe!) If you would like to be my friend on FitDay my user name is Thadsmom1

4. Jillian Michaels rocks and Shawn T isn’t that bad either.  The Body Resolution workouts are awesome.  Shawn T’s Rockin’ Body Dance workouts are super fun. I have never dropped to the floor and laid there trying to catch my breath after a workout before, I have never had sweat drip off my face onto the floor before. Pretty Cool.

5. I can do a Chaturanga! Four times in a row in fact.

6. Eating out makes me nervous and I need to get over it.

7. A workout will get rid of a headache and a little sore back.


I was flipping through the channels the other day and came across the Ricki Lake show. She is doing a multi part series on Bridal Bootcamps. Maybe some of you will find this inspiring or just fun to watch! Here is the direct link: Ricki Lake Bridal Bootcamp

Shirataki Noodles! So cool.  We love 24B with Beef 3 stars. If you don’t know what that means head over to Gorham and order dinner at Vientiane Palace. So good, and we can make a pretty decent version of it at home. But better and healthier yet, with Shirataki Noodles you can CUT out the pasta calories and the gluten is gone too if that is a problem for you. They are best paired with Asian style meals. We tried it with meatballs and marinara and it didn’t fare all that well. There is an underlying fishy thing, which plays great with Asian cuisine, but not otherwise. Meatballs and Marinara, I highly recommend Spaghetti Squash!

So that is all… see ya in two weeks! I will report to you how well I made though ST. Patty’s day…corned beef and cabbage and BEER! Mmmmm.






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