meditations on mindful eating and good habits

As of today, I am now 2 weeks (so per my workout videos) into to my fitness and health journey and a couple of things have come to mind…

1. I need to be kind to myself

2. This waking up at 5:45-6am routine is fantastic!

3. I love my new workout videos!

4. I DESERVED my 9 new clothing items I bought yesterday

5. I am a boredom eater

6. Eating out scares me when I am trying so hard to be mindful of what I put in my mouth

Now time to reflect:

Self Kindness: working out, going to bed at 9pm, doing the dishes right after dinner, packing my lunch. While these all sound like chores, the 5-35 minutes it takes to accomplish these few “be good to myself” tasks make ALL the difference in how I get through my day. It’s amazing! Plus each little task makes other adjacent tasks so much easier to do: for example: clean kitchen = not bailing on making dinner and ordering out because the kitchen is a mess.

You get up at 5:45am??? Are you crazy??? Turns out I since I created a “real” A.M. routine that includes sitting up in my bed at 5:45am, I can even go to bed late and still get up… I even get up at 5:45 on Sundays now! So what is the routine you ask? Up at 5:45. Making coffee, letting out the dog and feeding the critters at 6. Local morning news until 6:30 ( I sure do love Channel 3) Kid up at 6:30, lunches made right after, change into my workout clothes and take the boy to school all by 6:55.  Which means by 7:10 I am working out. At to work by 9.  This is FANTASTIC!

So whats the workout Jenny? Yep, I bought and infomercial and it is pretty awesome. Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution. It’s like P90X for busy moms! 30 minutes 6 times a week. That’s doable. Not to mention, I kinda like her. Sure sometimes its bothersome and annoying to hear her Do It DO IT… but her message of focus, perseverance, and to have a “WHY am I doing this?” always comes at the moments you want to quit. I really need those reminders.

JCPenney’s…bless my sweet honey’s heart… he bought me clothes for Christmas. So anyway…I returned them thinking I would just get a Gift Certificate for when I was “happy” with my body. I realized, I have storage containers full of clothes that fit my “happy with body” self,  I certainly don’t need more. What I needed was a few great pieces that allow me to feel CONFIDENT today. Turns out if you make your outward appearance look good, it is wonderful encouragement to work towards your goals of looking and feeling great always!

Boredom Eating, well that is just the WORST!!! Boredom eating can strike at ANYTIME. More so,  is it seems to be this weird obsession with just putting food in my mouth, despite what my stomach or mind says.  I’m trying to fill these moments with purpose. Knitting… I have tons of projects. Work…I could always write a blog post, right?  Reading…I have a night stand full of books, unfortunately I am not terribly inspired. Any suggestions? I have also decided if I trying to overcome the urge shove food in my mouth and it is still in bugging me after a couple of hours, I eat a grapefruit. It’s kind of an ordeal to eat and it pretty much wrecks eating anything else for quite while. I might go buy a case of sugar free gum too.

Eating out… here I am two weeks into this new health journey…here I am trying to be so mindful of what I eat… what happens this week? Pizza with clients, 2 lunch dates (I did have fish both times) A progressive dinner ( there was wine, fabulous food… lets just put it this way, Food Fight can put out quite the spread – post coming soon) and a Pampered Chef party… No I don’t normally eat beef with cheese with Pillsbury dough biscuit, but it was so yummy (and left me so sick). Oh well… its all a learning curve and besides if I over do it, that’s what the Nordic Trak is for, right?

So to all of you beautiful brides, dear friends and faithful readers… eat well, find a great routine, and be kind to yourself.

See you in two more weeks! xxxooo – Jenny


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