bridal weightloss…ugh…you are not alone

So many brides (read women) struggle with body image. Your wedding day is the day you are supposed to feel your most beautiful, and while I have yet to meet a bride who doesn’t feel her most beautiful on her wedding day (trust me: something magical does happen that day when it all comes together.) The pressure brides put upon themselves leading up to their wedding day can be immense. Everywhere you look the magazines are filled with skinny perfect brides and the fabulous blogs tend to show skinny perfect brides, I don’t know about you, but I get kinda jealous.

As a wedding planner I overhear or am part of conversations that include “I need to lose weight before the wedding” or “I feel fat and I don’t want to shop for a wedding dress” or even more scary… “I will order it 2 sizes smaller so I have to lose the weight.”  That one makes me shutter, its dangerous, unrealistic, and cruel to yourself.

There are a couple of things to know about bridal fashion… Bridal is one of the few segments of the fashion industry that has remained old school and has NOT given into vanity sizing. You may buy a size 6 jean at Banana Republic, but chances are you are ordering at least a size 8 if not a size 10 wedding dress. Numbers aside, a basic rule is truth, if you wear something that fits you well, fitted to your waist, bust and hips… it doesn’t matter what your size is, you will look stunning. I promise.

So why am I, as a wedding planner talking about wedding fitness? A couple of reasons

1. We are in the throes of engagement season, which means girls will be dress shopping, which can start this whole thought process.

2. We are 6 weeks past the New Year, how are you doing on your fitness or “lose weight” resolution?

3. I saw a picture of myself from my most recent wedding and realized I didn’t like what I saw. First thing I thought was ‘I know those are my arms… but they look like my thighs. UGH.’  Be the change you want to see…right?

So, I need to stop talking (read complaining) about it and do something about it. Plus, I realize how it all connects, how we all feel about our body image, and how we should all work at our health, my brides, myself.  Being a wedding planner is surprisingly physically demanding. My typical day begins between 5 or 6am when I get up, I leave the house by 7am and I get home usually around 1am. It’s a long day, a great day, a fun day, but a long one and I stand for 3/4 ‘s of it and inevitably I dance too.

I’m not looking to be skinny, just healthy. At my best – fitness wise – I ran about 45 minutes a day and weighed in around 155lbs. I used to hate that number. It made me feel bad, I have weighed close to that (give or take 7 lbs) since I was 14 and I felt like an elephant. Nobody mentioned to me I was 5’10 and busty… I am not made to weigh 120lbs… I wish I had known that 20 years ago.

So now I weigh more… UGH. My pitfalls: I drink coffee like its water. I have a weakness for beer and tacos, preferably together – Seriously,  have you had the Fish Tacos at The Great Dane??? I have a habit of rushing out of the house every morning and not  getting home until 7 or 8pm… which makes ordering out or a quick run through the grocery store deli aisle quite appealing.

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So embarrassing. That’s me, last night                Me, circa 2002, 155lbs.

So here you go…what I look like now, what I looked like 5 years ago, and that 155lbs is healthy goal. I hope you would like to join me on my journey and have one of your own. I have been exercising pretty regularly since October or so… But I need to up my game and I need to get control of this food thing and I am GOING to make this public, no matter how embarrassing it is. Maybe we can work together. Maybe you will find these posts inspiring. My goal: get fit, eat well, share my adventure and be accountable to myself. See you back here next Sunday for another installment.


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