what are his thoughts about planning your wedding day?

Recently while driving in the car I heard the big news that Seth Rogan just got married! Well I don’t know if it was big news, but it was a cute news bit. They had a great little clip of him talking about how his new bride had asked him what his ideas were and what he wanted for their wedding day. His answer? A reception with video games & a sundae bar! Apparently, his idea wasn’t a big hit and he believes he has no future in wedding planning, but this Planner thinks Seth had a really great idea.

I know plenty of couples were one or both people are gamers. We have a PS3 and a Wii at our house. And I don’t know what some of you may think, but Video Arcades were always a good time and I definitely miss them! I have this wonderful image in my head of a bride and groom playing Pac-Man & Miss Pac-Man side by side. Can’t you see it?

Groom’s Lounges are fantastic way to have special place for the guys to retreat to during the hustle of wedding days. There are tons of opportunities for stylish male bonding and for making the groom feel just as special as the bride on their wedding day. Some ideas for your groom’s lounge: a shoe shine station, cigars and good cognac, a beer tasting, or of course Seth Rogan’s idea: video games!

Dessert Bars…some people say they’re out, some trend spotters say they are just that, a trend. I say, what a wonderful way to offer your guests  dessert variety and reflect your personal sweet tooth style!  For a dessert bar it is important to have cohesive idea so that it doesn’t seem like a jumbled buffet. Do you love picnic style desserts like pies, bars & cookies? Then decorate the dessert table like a beautiful rustic market. Love candy? Great! It’s okay if the dessert table looks straight out of Willy Wonka, in fact, that’s fantastic! Donuts? Cupcakes?…mmm donuts and cupcakes, you can’t go wrong with donuts & cupcakes.




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